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Make Money With Internet Press Releases

Bigmama Didn't Shop At Woolworth's by Sunny Nash
Didn't Shop At Woolworth's
by Sunny Nash
Every month 14 billion online searches, generated by Internet press release submissions, and social media networking activity help me create a target audience and sell my book, Bigmama Didn't Shop At Woolworth's, and poises me for public speaking events and consulting contracts. I have learned by reading other posts, websites and articles how important it is to give your target audience numerous chances to link to pertinent information about me and my work posted on additional pages and websites. Get a good laptop for under four hundred dollars.and get started by purchasing or downloading press release software and templates.

What you want to do is give the target audience enough relevant links to clearly present the message in your press release. However, overloading a press release or online article with more links than necessary can send your target audience into too many different directions and lose them altogether. Frivolous linking can cause distraction on sites other than yours. Do not forget the importance of social media marketing.

Organize Your Work
How to Organize Yourself 
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Social media networking and marketing, a growing trend for moving our wares, have changed the world and the way the world sells products, services and books. This does not mean the world is going paperless any time soon. Going paperless would be ideal, but going paperless is more idealistic than realistic. Writers still have need for making quick hand-written lists. You will still need to organize your tasks, your mind and your desk for ultimate productivity. Some people make money organizing.

Lets face it, there will probably always to a need for office supplies. Many clients, who contract with us for our Internet and computer skills, do not have Internet and computer skills. If prospective clients had Internet and computer skills, they would have less need to contract with independent writers and producers. Do not discourage these clients from using whatever means of communication they are comfortable using and be prepared as an independent contractor to organize some paper they may generate.

Wi-Fi Hand Held Device
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More and more, writers and other professionals are using computer tablets, readers and other hand-held devices to organize. Some devices have built-in note taking software that is perfect for quick notes, reference lists and research on the Internet, which you can bookmark. There is a slew of computer tablets out there with more coming out everyday. Try one of the older models at a warehouse price to get the feel of the new technology before you do heavy investment. Or, use the built-in technology on new cell phones. 

Get free book publicity, public speaking engagements and consulting contracts by publicizing to target audiences and search engines what you have to offer.

However, book sales are not the only way for me to make money on the Internet, but book sales are certainly a good place for me to start, having written a book that I am proud to pitch. Sometimes it takes us awhile to realize what we already know. When it finally hit me that I am an author and a respected expert in my field, I realized I have more to offer than I previously credited to myself.

Bigmama Didn't Shop At Woolworth's was published by Texas A&M University Press. My affiliation with this publisher helped me to receive advantages, such as public speaking engagements; book signing events at bookstores and other locations nationwide; publicity on the publisher's website; reviews from online book sellers; feature articles in major newspapers and magazines; television exposure and interviews; publication in journals and anthologies; inclusion in reference books; collection in libraries all over the nation; and commissions to write articles for national magazines.

As a result of the publication of my book, 125 internationally organized university press members in the Association of American University Presses (AAUP) recognized my book for its value to understanding race relations in the United States. Race relations, an important theme in my writing, is the subject of many articles on this Blog and also press releases announcing my appearances. I believe you must define your writing and use the definition as a model for working and also for illustrating to others how to define and use their favorite topics as career markers. Recognition presents opportunities for additional publicity and press coverage through the many vehicles available to AAUP, including the organization's publications, newspapers, journals, network television and press releases. AAUP members include academic presses in the United States, District of Columbia, Canada, Belgium, China, Egypt, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Japan and The Netherlands.

How To Write News and Press Releases
News Reporting and Writing
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I learned that I, too, had to do my share of publicizing my book, especially after the initial push by the publisher ended. After the honeymoon with my book was over and the publisher's attention had moved on to next season's books, I had to step in to create a new target audience to interest in my book.
You can do the same thing even if your book was self-published or published as an eBook on the Internet. The Internet levels the playing field if you can write and you do not mind learning some new writing skills that include Internet press releases, a lot like writing a resume [Individual Software Inc PMM-RC (Google Affiliate Ad)], but in prose presenting a news point of view. If you do not know how to write news, there are publications and training programs to teach you.

According to my college adviser, journalism professor and mentor, the late Skip Leabo, the ability to write allows a person to literally write his or her own ticket in life. When he said that back then, I didn't know what it meant. Now I take this to heart, in that, if I don't tell people in writing (good writing) about myself and my book, who will?

Like me, you have to get over the feeling that you are bragging when you write about yourself. Most well-raised people are too shy about making bold announcements about themselves, their books, their accomplishments, their knowledge and their dreams without the guilt of appearing arrogant or the feeling that no one cares. Through Internet press releases and writing at home, you have a method of making them care about who you are, what you do and how you can help them to achieve their goals.

Then and only then could I get down to work creating a serious public relations campaign for myself. For fees, there are numerous services that will create public relations campaigns, which include writing Internet profiles and press releases. This was not an option that I decided to consider. After all, writing press releases and creating public relations campaigns are services I could sell for a fee. Why should I purchase them?

I know if someone lured me into a strange location with a suggestion that I would receive free information, they'd better have more waiting for me than an empty bucket of promises. In the famous words of Rufus & Chaka Khan, when I get there, "Tell me something good!"

Okay, forget about that last part, the 'Tell me that love me, yeah' part.
I bet Chaka Khan didn't have any trouble bragging about her music.

For all of you who don't know who Rufus & Chaka Khan were: An American funk band, from Chicago, Illinois; best known when they embraced the vocals of their lead singer, Chaka Khan in the 1970s, when funk--a fusion of soul, jazz and rhythm & blues--a dance groove, was at its pinnacle. One of the signature hits by Rufus was "Tell Me Something Good."

For now, let's concentrate on writing a great press release. The secret to writing successful Internet press releases is to fashion the writing to the needs of the target audience. The secret to the secret is to find out who comprises your target audience. That means you have to find out who they are, where they live, what they read, what they eat, what they do for fun. Get the idea?

There are studies on the web that can help you with the answers to your questions about your target audience. Find out as much as possible about those folks in order to create with your words an environment they will visit, return to and tell their friends to visit using the ever growing social media marketing, created to be shared freely. Or is it?

Make Money WritingPay per click (PPC) is a model used on websites where advertisers pay the host each time their advertisement is clicked. The big three in this area are Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, and Microsoft adCenter. Cost per click (CPC) is another model.

Syndicate your blogs and writingRSS (really simple syndication) contains standard feeds to a website instead of links, formatted for frequently updated material, such as blogs, news, audio and video. Perhaps you have seen these chicklets or buttons on Blogs and website inviting you to subscribe to the feed. This is a convenient function to provide your visitors a way to keep tract of your updates without having to remember to check back.

Affiliate Programs? vs Associate Programs?

make money writing
Ultimately, search engines determine if I get paid. The web presence created by my press releases must turn the target audience into sales, whether the sales are my books or sales of products through affiliate and associate programs. Affiliate programs or associate programs are agreements between online merchants and web hosts, in which the merchant pays the site host a commission for sending traffic through advertising links to merchants’ sites.

A good understanding of how you intend to make money on your Blog or website will help you to write Internet press releases about products and create a strategy to drive traffic to your site to encourage affiliate agreements and to sell your own products.

Custom Search other ways to earn & learn

Sunny Nash
Sunny Nash
Sunny Nash author of Bigmama Didn't Shop At Woolworth's, is an award-winning writer, photographer, producer and public speaker. Her work appears in the African American National Biography by Harvard and Oxford; African American West, A Century of Short Stories; Reflections in Black, A History of Black Photography 1840 - Present; Ancestry Magazine; Companion to Southern Literature; Black Genesis: A Resource Book for African-American Genealogy; African American Foodways; Southwestern American Literature Journal and other anthologies. Nash is listed in references: The Source: a guidebook to American genealogy; Bibliographic Guide to Black Studies; Interdisciplinary Journal for Germanic Linguistics; Ebony Magazine; Southern Exposure; Hidden Sources: Family History in Unlikely Places; and others.

Bigmama Didn't Shop At Woolworth's by Sunny Nash
by Sunny Nash
Chosen by the Association of American University Presses as one of its essential books for understanding race relations in the United States, Bigmama Didn't Shop At Woolworth's (Texas A&M University Press) by the award-winning author, Sunny Nash, is also listed in the Bibliographic Guide to Black Studies by the Schomburg Center in New York and recommended for Native American collections by the Miami-Dade Public Library System in Florida.

The book can be purchased from all major bookstores as well as the Republic of Texas Museum in Austin, operated by the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, whose mission since 1891 has been to preserve Texas heritage and historic structures and landmarks around the state, such as the Alamo in San Antonio and stories like those by Sunny Nash.  

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by Sunny Nash

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